Etsy Shop

Pomegranate in Pearls
Today, I opened an Etsy shop for the first time and even though I’m only selling one product at the moment, I feel as proud as if I’ve leased the shop across the street and opened up an entire boutique. There’s something incredibly satisfying about creating something and being able to back up and say, “I made that!” Not in a conceited look-at-me-I-made-something-amazing kind of way, but instead in a I-created-this-and-I-actually-know-what’s-in-it kind of way. It also feels really good to feel like a deliberate creator instead of a passive consumer. It’s the same satisfaction that has drawn me to the kitchen again and again to follow or create a recipe in lieu of eating out and being at the mercy of a chef.

Today begins another adventure, which will ideally yield in the cleansing of America’s laundry, one pink bag of pomegranate detergent at a time. šŸ™‚ So here’s to my parents who taught me to work hard, to my sister who stimulates my creative spirit, to my Italian parents who operate as my consistent muse, and most of all, to my husband who continually encourages me to take risks, even if that risk is just pink detergent donning pearls.


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