About homegrownjewlz

I’m a 30-something farm girl from central Illinois, where farming, football, and religion trump all else. I left for college when I was 17 and moved away permanently to Atlanta when I was 21. I’m a home-grown girl with an incredible work ethic, amazing family, and lofty dreams. I’ve been teaching high school English for just over a decade now and am a wannabe writer tampering with blogging for the first time. I’ve been married to my soul mate for almost ten years now–a man who proposed after 3 weeks of dating and sold the movies he’d been collecting for 14 years to buy me an engagement ring. We recently moved into a townhouse downtown Atlanta and are enjoying the perks of city life for the first time. I love to stir up new recipes in the kitchen, make and preserve strawberry jam, bake homemade bread, write creatively, and peruse food and home magazines looking for new ideas. I constantly want more time to spend with my husband–whether that means stomping in puddles in the narrow street behind our house while the rain pours, roadtripping to Savannah, or scheming our next Caribbean vacation, it’s always bound to be a good time. Thank you for stopping by my blog–I hope you’ll pause for a moment in the busy chaos of life to enjoy a cup of coffee and read a story or two.

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